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Description of Duties and Responsibilities

including, but not limited to:

  1. Form a committee from the list of volunteers provided by the Membership Committee and your personal contacts within HSHA.

  2. Develop committee goals and objectives which are consistent with the Board’s current platform.

  3. Propose a budget to accomplish the committee’s goals and objectives.

  4. Submit goals/objectives and budget to the Board for approval.

  5. Conduct meetings and activities as necessary to achieve committee’s goals and objectives.

  6. Submit monthly reports of progress and activities to Division Coordinator.  Report can be in oral or written form but should be submitted to the Division Coordinator at least four (4) days prior to monthly Board meetings.  The Division Coordinator will then submit a written report to the Board at its meetings.

  7. Follow the Treasurer’s guidelines for maintaining the Association's budget and submitting requests for expenditures and reimbursements.

  8. Keep an accurate account of expenditures.  Submit mid-year and annual reports for the Division Coordinate and Treasurer.

  9. Submit mid-year and annual reports to the Association which summarizes accomplishments as they relate to the original goals and objectives.

  10. Keep notes and reports in an organized manner to facilitate transition to a new chair.

  11. Attend meeting of the Board of Directors as often as possible.

  12.  Coordinate planning with HSHA’s CEU provider and hospitality chair. Notify the Board of Directors.

  13. If serving refreshments, include this in determining the cost of the event as well as the honorarium, cost of location, and gift. Determine cost for members, students/CFYs, non-members which should be three different rates.

  14. On the day of the event, ensure that signage is easily seen and representatives from the following committees are present during registration:  membership and CEU.

  15. Take pictures to submit to Newsletter, Facebook, and Website along with a short summary.

  16. Upload all information into gdrive.  HSHA is required to keep all documents on file for seven years.

If you need accommodations to access information on this page email hsha808@gmail.com.

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