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Hawai'i Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

As members of HSHA, you are also members of our HSHF.

HSHF was established in 1982 to assure that funds would be available to support continuing education through an annual conference. In early 1998, the HSHF was incorporated as a non-profit foundation to support the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of the clinical practice of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.

HSHF is non-profit and non-political and does not engage, directly or indirectly in the promotion of or opposition to any legislative proposal or candidate for public office. Contributions to HSHF can only be used to meet HSHF’s stated educational purposes such as supporting HSHA’s annual conventions, supplementing the honorarium or travel expenses of speakers, offering student scholarships, awarding continuing education grants for a group or an individual and offering grants/loans to members to support research activity. HSHF has supported a variety of activities since it was first incorporated including establishing an assistive devices loan bank and a lending library of educational materials.

HSHF along with HSHA has awards for outstanding clinical service as well as the HSHA President’s Appreciation Award, HSHA Certificate of Recognition award, HSHA’s Distinguished Service Award, HSHA’s Lifetime Service Award, the Mahalo Service Award to recognize non-HSHA members who have made meaningful contributions to serving clients or students with communication disabilities and awards recognizing families’ support in the provision of services to individuals with speech, language and hearing needs.

The Hawai’i Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation assists HSHA in submitting applications to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHFoundation) Clinical Achievement Award annual competition.  

HSHF would like to thank those who have generously donated monetarily in support of our foundation. HSHF,  as a non-profit corporation, sends out letters to document the receipt and amount of all contributions.

Donations, which are tax deductible,  can be made directly to the HSHFoundation

Send to: Hawai'i Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

PO Box 234888, Honolulu, HI 96823-3516            


You may also support HSHF by using AmazonSmile - see Donate for instructions.

We would also like to invite you to support us by joining our HSHF working committee!

To join the committee or if you have questions regarding donating,  scholarships or other HSHF business you may contact HSHF Chair at hsha808@gmail.com 

If you need accommodations to access information on this page email hsha808@gmail.com.

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