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2020 Bills of Interest

10 Feb 2020 6:23 PM | Erin Firmin

  • HB 2243 / SB2557



Expands the certification incentive program to include speech pathologists. Clarifies school eligibility requirements. Adds an additional temporary bonus for teachers and speech pathologists who continue to be employed at a school that has transitioned out of the incentive program's eligibility criteria. Appropriates funds.

  • SB2583 / HB469



Requires health insurance policies and contracts issued after 12/31/2021 to provide coverage for the cost of hearing aids at a minimum of $1,500 per hearing aid for each hearing-impaired ear every thirty-six months in their base plans. Exempts mandatory health care coverage from impact assessment report.

  • HB2345 / SB2901



Amends the hearing and vision program statute to increase the early identification of children with hearing or vision loss, by establishing consistent protocols for hearing and vision screening and follow-up, screener training, and data collection for quality improvement. Program to be developed by the Department of Health.

  • HB2335 / SB2890 (includes audiologists and SLPs in the bill)



Allows a person who: is married to an active duty member in the military; accompanies his or her spouse on a permanent change of station to Hawaii; and holds a current, unencumbered license in another jurisdiction in specific professions to apply for licensure on an expedited basis in the state of Hawaii.

  • HB2344 / SB2900



 Amends the newborn hearing screening statute to mandate reporting by audiologists and physicians of diagnostic audiologic evaluation results to improve hearing follow-up of infants to the Department of Health. Includes referral and enrollment of infants with a diagnosed loss into early intervening services. Develops a plan with the DOE to involve parents or guardians in medical and educational follow-ups. Updates definitions and terminology.


Establishes goals for the adoption and proliferation of telehealth to increase health care access. Establishes the State Strategic Telehealth Advisory Council and permanent State Health Care Access Care Coordinator position (governor appointed and from various affected stakeholders). Dissolves the Advisory Council on 7/1/23. Establishes the Telehealth Administrative Simplification Working Group to research, make recommendations, and report to the Legislature. Appropriates funds for one state telehealth and health care coordinator position (1.0 FTE) and reimbursement of actual fees for other volunteer positions.

  • S468E
The purpose of this act is to allow qualified individuals who are engaging in the clinical or academic practice of speech language pathology under the supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist to obtain a provisional speech pathology license.

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