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Description of Duties and Responsibilities

including, but not limited to:

1. Serve as an advisor to the Board.

2. Preside over meetings of the Board and membership in the absence of the President and the President-Elect.

3. Perform executive functions (such as chairing the Nominations and Historian Committees) at the discretion of the President and President-Elect.

4. Attend all meetings of the Board and membership.

5. Chair the Nominations Committee at the request of the President and PresidentElect:

a. Propose a slate of Officers and Directors;

b. Work with the Corresponding Secretary to notify membership of the slate of nominees and their right to add one or more nominees to the slate.

C. Coordinate written nominations for national awards such as the DiCarlo Award of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation.

6. Chair the Historian Committee at the request of the President and President-Elect to:

a. Coordinate storage of permanent HSHA records at the University of Hawaii Speech and Hearing Clinic;

b. Arrange for the binding of minutes and newsletters;

c. Review, sort, save, or dispose of old HSHA records.

7. Follow Treasurer's guidelines for maintaining the Association's budget and submitting requests for expenditures and reimbursements.

8. Provide input in preparing the Association's mid-year and annual reports.

If you need accommodations to access information on this page email hsha808@gmail.com.

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