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Description of Duties and Responsibilities

including, but not limited to:

1. Shall perform the President’s duties if the President is unable to act, and shall serve as Parliamentarian at all meetings of the Board and the membership.

2. Parliamentary procedures in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used.

3. Shall serve as President during the term following his or her term as President-Elect.

4. Shall serve on the Committees:  Nomination, Membership

5. Shall keep abreast to the activities occurring with the following committees/chairs:   Historian, Membership, and Nominations and provide a report to the Board at meetings (unless they are in attendance).

6. Shall meet with the outgoing President-Elect.

7. Shall establish specific goals and objectives for the year and submit these to the Board of Directors at the first Board meeting following the installation.

8. Shall estimate the committee budget for the year and submit it to the Treasurer at the first Board meeting following installation.

9. Shall request reimbursement as expenses are incurred.

10. Shall request advance approval from the Board if a proposed expense would exceed the approved budget.

11. provide a copy of all outgoing and significant incoming correspondence to the Corresponding Secretary at the next regular Board meeting.

12. Shall write periodic articles for the Newsletter concerning committee activities.

13. Shall submit a year-end report to the President in time for inclusion in the annual report to be presented to members at the installation.

14. Shall obtain the advice and consent of the Public Relations Director or the President before making an official statement regarding HSHA to any new medium.

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