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    • 03 May 2021
    • 25 Apr 2022
    • 52 sessions
    • ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84504694793

    Are you interested in developing a sustainable and authentic toolbox for your own self-care? Join us on Monday nights!

    Mindful Mondays will offer a safe and supportive space. Masayo Omari, our current Hospitality Chair specializes in combining traditional speech pathology approaches with mindfulness practice to provide holistic rehabilitation. Lucky for us- Masayo also recognizes the importance of these principles for rehab professionals!

    With Masayo's gentle guidance, attendees will get the chance to learn and be guided to utilize a different tool or resources to enhance their own self-care each week.

    WHAT: HSHA's Mindful Mondays

    FACILITATED BY: Masayo Omori, M.S. CCC-SLP

    WHEN: Monday evenings at 8 pm

    ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84504694793

    • 25 Sep 2021
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Zoom
    • Self-Care Workshop
    In this in-service, we will discuss the areas of our field that impact us the most as speech-language pathologists. We will talk about the three main areas of self-care and how important self-care is for all of us, in every aspect of our lives. You will then identify your own tools for self-care, that will help you live a full life! These tools will help you in your life and in the field. You will serve yourself and your clients at your highest level.

    • SEALS: Join your Hawai’i State Eduction Advocacy Leaders
    (SEALs), Melissa Friscia and Tanya Sasaoka-Tam, in a Back-to-School Talk Story! 

    We will share information from ASHA and the US Department of Education about updated IDEA policies as they relate to COVID-19, current telepractice guidelines and policies, and state/national licensing policy updates. Then, we will be available to address your questions related to navigating the new school year within the continually- shifting COVID-19 policies and protocols.

    *** Break ***

    Fall Membership Meeting

Past Events

15 May 2021 HSHA Board Transition Meeting
22 Apr 2021 Recordings of HSHA Convention: Cultivating Resilience, Raising All Voices, and Thriving in Difficulty
16 Apr 2021 HSHA Convention: Cultivating Resilience, Raising All Voices, and Thriving in Difficulty
10 Apr 2021 WSLHA - The Invisible Injury: The Identification and Treatment of Subtle Cognitive Deficits In Adults Part 2
03 Apr 2021 WSLHA - The Invisible Injury: The Identification and Treatment of Subtle Cognitive Deficits In Adults Part 1
01 Apr 2021 HSHA Social - Kaua'i
27 Mar 2021 Facebook Live: Home Activities for Families that Do Not Involve Screens
25 Mar 2021 HSHA Board of Directors Meeting
25 Feb 2021 HSHA Board of Directors Meeting
22 Feb 2021 HSHA Medical Caucus Meeting
28 Jan 2021 HSHA Board of Directors Meeting
04 Dec 2020 Providing Hearing Healthcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Palm Springs Hearing Seminars
03 Dec 2020 HSHA Board of Directors Meeting
21 Nov 2020 CEU Events: Childhood Apraxia of Speech
10 Nov 2020 HSHA Convention Planning Meeting
05 Nov 2020 "My Beautiful Stutter" Film Screening
22 Oct 2020 HSHA Board of Directors Meeting
17 Oct 2020 Evolving in Our New World: ASHA Leaders Share About Telepractice and Best-Practices for Virtual and In-Person Service Delivery
19 Sep 2020 Fall Membership Meeting
27 Aug 2020 HSHA Board of Directors Meeting
16 Jul 2020 HSHA Board of Directors Meeting
26 Jun 2020 Aloha Friday Member Spotlight
30 May 2020 Annual Membership Meeting Featuring "Revisiting Resilience: Strategies to Thrive in the New Normal"
02 Apr 2020 Postponed -- HSHA Convention 2020
28 Feb 2020 HSHA Social: Pau Hana at Hula Hula's
09 Nov 2019 The Deglutition Project: Physiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment
28 Sep 2019 HSHA Fall Membership Meeting and Continuing Education Event: A Review and Overview of Deafness, Language Learning, and Education
04 Apr 2019 2019 HSHA Convention
01 Mar 2019 HSHA Hawaii State Capitol Day 2019
12 Jan 2019 Head and Neck Cancer Evaluation and Management for Speech-Language Pathologist
03 Nov 2018 General Membership Meeting+CEU Event-Return to Learn: Collaborative Personalized Interventions for Cognitive Symptoms after Concussion
07 Oct 2018 Children and Youth Day
28 Jul 2018 Parent-Implemented Early Language Interventions: Barriers and Solutions-A Journal Study
12 May 2018 May is Better Hearing and Speech Month- Storytime and Crafts for Preschoolers
24 Mar 2018 Utilization of Expiratory Muscle Strength Trainer (EMST) for Swallow Rehabilitation with a focus on Parkinson's Disease: A Journal Study
13 Mar 2018 Assessment and Treatment of Swallowing in Japan
08 Mar 2018 HSHA Convention 2018- Literacy: Building the Foundation to Overcome Challenges
02 Dec 2017 Social Communication: Applying Technology to Intervention Across the Life Span: A Journal Study With Your Colleagues Hawaii Speech Language Hearing Association Continuing Education Event
18 Nov 2017 Appropriate Augmentative and Alternative (AAC) Goals & Communication Partner/Classroom Strategies
28 Oct 2017 HSHA 2017 General Fall Membership Meeting
01 Oct 2017 2017 Children and Youth Day
22 Jul 2017 Social Communication Interventions: A Journal Study with Your Colleagues
13 Jul 2017 Return to Learn: Strategies to Facilitate Successful Reintegration in Schools for Students Who Sustain a Concussion
03 Jun 2017 HSHA Board Officer Transition Meeting
20 May 2017 Telepractice: Current SLP/OT Trends Across Hawaii
13 May 2017 Library Day at the State Capitol
27 Apr 2017 General Membership Meeting
27 Apr 2017 HSHA 40th Annual Convention
16 Mar 2017 HSHA Pau Hana in Hilo
22 Oct 2016 General Membership Meeting

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